Download Textbook of Diabetes, 4th Edition

Textbook of Diabetes by Richard I. G. Holt pdf

Over three editions the Textbook of Diabetes has built a reputation as a book that is extremely well-organized and easy to navigate, with exceptional illustrations and an excellent blend of clinical and scientific content. Previously edited by John Pickup and Gareth Williams this fourth edition has four brand new editors from across the globe.

The editors have assembled an outstanding set of international contributors who provide insight on new developments in diabetes care and information on the latest treatment modalities used around the world.

The new Textbook of Diabetes has been restructured into 12 parts in one accessible volume and is designed with the busy diabetes care team in mind. As well as retaining the elements that have made it such a popular brand, such as the outstanding full colour illustrations and text design, the new edition sees even greater emphasis on the clinical aspects of diabetes, with new chapters on managing patients with diabetes, the treatment of diabetes, and the delivery and organization of diabetes care, including:

  • Non-insulin parenteral therapies
  • New technologies for insulin administration and glucose monitoring
  • The role of the multidisciplinary team

There is also a companion website accompanying the book containing essential bonus material such as:  

  • Over 150 interactive MCQ’s to help you improve and test your clinical knowledge
  • All 500 figures from the book in a downloadable format to use in slides and presentations
  • Chapter pdfs and chapter references with full links to PubMed

If you want a modern, well-illustrated, international guide to diabetes this is the ideal reference book for you.


“Of excellent technical production; many illustrations and tables in color.”  (Journal Pediatric Endocrinology
, 1 November 2012)”This sizeable book has been condensed into one volume with 12 sections and 62 chapters, each clearly laid out with colour diagrams, tables and a very useful summary of key points.” (Diabetes Update, 1 April 2011)

“Overall, the 4th edition of Textbook of Diabetes is likely to be most useful to health-care providers who are involved in diabetes disease state management. The evidence-based Clinical Practice Recommendations, developed by the American Diabetes Association and revised to include up-to-date research findings on an annual basis, are additional relevant and important resources for health-care providers and will complement the use of this textbook.” (The Annals of Pharmacotherapy, January 2011)

“A companion website (access included) contains all the content as well as multiple choice questions for each chapter, reference lists with external links, and figures from the book for downloading.” (Book News, September 2010)

“the 4th edition of the ‘Textbook of Diabetes’ is a complete reference guide to all aspects of diabetes care and a worthy successor to the previous editions. It will be an invaluable addition to any medical library or diabetes centre.” (Practical Diabetes International, November 2010)

“In common with previous editions there is an exceptional list of expert international contributors who have written chapters that are all well researched, easy to read and comprehensively referenced with the key points neatly summarised in bullet points at the beginning of each chapter. The book is also beautifully illustrated with numerous full colour figures and photographs.” (Practical Diabetes International, November 2010)