Secrets of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived by Murdock

Secrets of The Richest Man Who Ever LivedSecrets of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived: Carefully Researched, This Powerful Teaching Unlocks Solomon’s 31 Secrets of Success. 9 Success Keys For Negotiation / 10 Qualities of Uncommon Achievers / 7 Keys In Getting Along With Others. This Book Can Remove Mental Blocks To Your Success. The Perfect Gift!

Reviews From Goodreads

Larry rated it it was amazing
Excellent foundation on Solomon’s wisdom & knowledge. A guide thru a non-moral world, simple spiritual training’s that should be the basis of what is taught in our schools! A guide to true rich’s from examples of not just Solomon but some of the greatest achievers who ever lived using the Solomon guide!
Christopher Lewis Kozoriz rated it really liked it
“The smallest step in the right direction always generates joy.” (Mike Murdock, Secrets of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived, Page 113)
Have you ever thought how the Richest Man Who Ever Lived thought? How did he handle circumstances? What was his key to living an uncommon life? You will find some of the answers to these questions in this book!


Some of Solomon’s secrets are the following:

* Solomon developed a passion for his dream;
* Solomon acknowledged his personal limitations;
* Solomon consulted other uncommon achievers;
* Solomon documented and developed a plan for achieving his goals;
* Solomon kept a detailed schedule;
* Solomon always listened to both sides before making a decision;
* Solomon refused to hurry;

The Bible says “get wisdom and with all your getting, get understanding”(See Proverbs 4:7). You will get just that by reading this book. The wisdom of God will be imparted to you as it was imparted to King Solomon, so you can begin to live an uncommon life!

Originally published: 1998
Author: Mike Murdock
Genres: Self-help book, Christian literature
Pages: 106