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Schaum Outline Mathematica

Schaum Outline Mathematica: This book is an introduction to Mathematica, aimed at students, with each chapter focusing on a specific application of Mathematica. As a study guide it supplies a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to understanding the computer program. Numerous solved problems and examples demonstrate and reinforce ideas discussed in each chapter. Mathematica commands with examples are clearly classified according to type. The index of commands and applications expedites referencing.Contents

Getting Acquainted | Basic Concepts | Lists | Two-Dimensional Graphics | Three-Dimensional Graphics | Equations | Algebra and Trigonometry | Differential Calculus | Integral Calculus | Multivariate Calculus | Ordinary Differential Equations | Linear AlgebraRelated Topics

AlgebraCalculus and AnalysisDifferential EquationsDiscrete MathematicsProbability and StatisticsTutorial and Reference

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December 9, 2014

I was just starting out with Mathematica and was not getting very far with the online videos offered by Wolfram and independents. This is the book that really got me going. There are other books but they are fairly expensive. This book covers all the basics very efficiently. The criticism made by other reviewers that it is out of date is in my opinion overstated. Yes the book was written for Mathematica 7, and Mathematica 10 just came out. Yes there are a few things that work a little differently but 99% of the material is unchanged

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A. Bell

September 7, 2017