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Online Library System project report – Gone are the days when the librarian had to have his library log updated manually with help of his assistants. The tedious process of updating the log, manually, after every transaction is dying out in most of the libraries. This is with the advent of computerization in this field too.

Then came spreadsheets which used to run for pages. Even then it was the duty of the librarian/administrator to enter all details manually in the spreadsheet. She/he had to keep track of all items in the library and update the corresponding records.

The person borrowing the book had to get his verification card and get it updated every time he borrows/returns an item from/to library. Even this work of verifying the person and updating the card falls on the librarian or his assistant. Every now and then the librarian has to keep track of all the books and other items by checking the stocks (i.e. stocking).


This solution is developed using .NET technology which improves the accuracy of the information by leaps and bounds. This solution helps the administrator accomplish his tasks at ease. This solution is an online library management system which lets users sign-up to the library initially and then sign-in every time they want to find some item in the library. The user can also maintain and edit his profile details.

It also lets administrators manage the library from their desktop. They can monitor any item, its stock and other related information. A user can sign-in and search for items, borrow or reserve items if they are present in the library. If not, user can request the librarian/administrator to get the book by furnishing all the details.

As soon as a user reserves a book the library database gets updated automatically. This improves accuracy and leaves no user fooled about the status of availability of an item. All details of the user are stored in the database which eases pressure on the administrator about defaulters. Defaulters can be blocked/removed from the library, by the administrator.

The user need not visit the library every time to find an item; instead he/she can search items from his/her own PC/laptop. Reports can also be generated for individual items or for number of defaulters and the number of transactions for an item or by a user. They can also be generated in graphical form.

An advantage of this solution is that a web browser which supports .net framework is enough to view the user interface. This interface can be seen in any such system and hence makes it portable too.


  • Accurate Information around the clock

Information about the library database is accurate at any given point of time since its all automatic and updated after every transaction.

  • Ease of access

Users can find items, reserve book, change profile details, etc., from their homes as the library’s transactions are online.

  • Maintenance is easy

Managing the database is easy and so is its maintenance. It does not require much of care and goes on until it isn’t affected due to heavy trafficking.

  • Sorting of data
    Data is stored in different databases and sorted into different tables to differentiate content and it can easily converted into reports for presentations.