Download How to Study (Seventh Edition) by Ron Fry

This edition includes information on how to create an effective work environment, stand out in class, use the library, conduct research online, and much more. Plus, author Ron Fry covers all the traditional elements of a winning study strategy, such as reading, writing, time-management, memory, and test-taking skills. How to Study (Seventh Edition) introduces a revolutionary study system, along with examples, that gives students the edge in any learning environment.

Table of Contents

About This Edition

Chapter Features

  • Chapter 1: How to Start Out Right
    Starts by explaining individual study skills and clarifying how each can and should function.
  • Chapter 2: How to Organize Your Studying
    Teaches the importance of where, how, and when to study, and of building the study environment that’s perfect for each person.
  • Chapter 3: How to Read and Remember
    Introduces the skills basic to any study process: reading and comprehension.
  • Chapter 4: How to Organize Your Time
    Introduces the simplest and easiest-to-use organizational and time management tools you’ll ever find–powerful ways to make sure you are always on track.
  • Chapter 5: How to Excel in Class
    Teaches you how to get more out of lectures and take better notes, encourages active class participation, and gives pointers on how to overcome the tendency to be a back-of-the-room student.
  • Chapter 6: How to Conduct Your Research
    Introduces you to the two important resources in your study career: the library and internet. You’ll learn how to build and flex your research muscles to get the information you need.
  • Chapter 7: How to Write Terrific Papers
    Introduces a remarkably easy way to take notes and organize information. Break down any paper into easy-to-follow steps; create infinitely better papers than before.
  • Chapter 8: How to Study for Tests
    Covers the dos and don’ts of test prep, including:
    – the differences between studying for weekly quizzes, midterms, and final exams;
    – why last-minute cramming doesn’t work;
    – studying for and taking different types of tests;
    – how to increase your guessing scores;
    – which questions to answer first and which to leave for last.

Additional Features

  • Prepares students of all ages to excel in their classes by developing effective study skills.
  • Written by an acknowledged authority and nationally known spokesperson for the improvement of public education.
  • Provides a quick, easy-to-read style showing students essential skills that can be applied beyond classroom studies and later in life.
  • Nobody is great at everything, but everyone is great at something. “How to Study” teaches you how to capitalize on your something by outlining study tips and encouraging good study habits.
  • Also includes study tips for teaching/studying with young children; advice for fighting mid-study tiredness and boredom; tips for in-class learning, and more.
How to Study, has gained immense popularity among students of all ages. Now updated and expanded for the information age, this “A-Plus” read includes areas such as how to create a work environment, excel in class, use the library, do online research, and much more.
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