Download Engineering Chemistry Textbook by Thiru K. Subramanian

Engineering Chemistry Textbook by Thiru K. Subramanian

Engineering Chemistry Textbook by Thiru K. Subramanian – We are indeed very happy to present engineering chemistry book for diploma engineers. Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the study of matter, its composition, physical and chemical properties and applications. It is important for engineers to have knowledge of chemistry as those may face problems in fields as diverse as design and development of new materials, quality control and environmental engineering that are basically chemistry oriented in nature.

Chemistry is the back bone in designing and understanding the nature of various engineering materials. Many advances in engineering and technology either produce a chemical demand like polymers, chemical developments for their application in powder metallurgy and alloys, preventing methods of pollution etc. Currently electronics and computer field require bio polymers and nano materials.

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Electrical engineers require proper conducting materials. Mechanical engineers are in search of micro fluids and civil engineers are looking for environment friendly materials. This book in Engineering chemistry is prepared for the students studying I Year Diploma in Engineering and Technology in Tamilnadu.

This book is written in simple and easily understandable manner. Tabular columns, figures, and worked examples are given wherever necessary. At the end of each chapter, short answer questions and long answer questions are given. Test your understanding questions are given wherever required to motivate the students for further study. The authors are very much grateful to the Commissioner of Technical Education Chennai for his deep involvement and encouragement in preparing this syllabus and learning material. Thanks are due to officials of DOTE, Chennai for their timely help whenever needed. Further suggestions and constructive criticisms for the improvement of this book are welcome

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  1. I love CHEMISTRY because almost every thing we use every day are products of the application of its knowledge.