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Diary of A Wimpy KidDiary of a Wimpy Kid is a series of fiction books written by the American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney. All the main books are the journals of the main character, Greg Heffley. Befitting a teen’s diary, the books are filled with hand-written notes and simple drawings of Greg’s daily adventures.

Since the release of the online version in May 2004, most of the books have garnered positive reviews and commercial success. As of February 2008, it has been purchased one million times.

The first, second, fourth, and ninth installments have been adapted into films by 20th Century Fox.[4]

The website Poptropica released islands in the theme of Diary of a Wimpy Kid called Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk, both of which credit Kinney in an ambiguous contributor’s role.

Author: Jeff Kinney
Genre: Comedy, Young adult fiction
Publisher: Amulet Books
Publication date: April 1, 2007
Cover artist: Jeff Kinney; Chad W. Beckerman

Pages: 213

Size: 39 Mb


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