Download DRAGNET Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

Download Complete DRAGNET Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

DRAGNET Aptitude Test Past Questions – ABOUT DRAGNET JOB  APTITUDE TEST The test  section measures your verbal reasoning ability, Logical reasoning  and problem solving  ability. This material provides in-depth insight into how the test looked like in the past.

Dragnet is a recruitment body and they conduct pre-employment aptitude tests for several companies. As a graduate job seeker, you would likely have to face a dragnet test during your job search. It is a good idea to start practicing early for this test 

Table of Contents

TEST SCORING SYSTEM – DRAGNET Aptitude Test Past Questions

The questions in this test all carry equal marks and no negative marking is applied.
However, it is advisable that you double-check your answer choices.

The test format includes Numerical Reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Abstract
reasoning. Usually the same questions for all candidates.

USE OF CALCULATOR – DRAGNET Aptitude Test Past Questions

Use of calculators are not allowed, but the test administrator is at liberty to decide
whether or not use of calculators will be permitted in the hall. So it is best you
factor in this reality, and try to practice without using calculator.


Use the in-built navigation system (at the left side of this study pack) to quickly go
to any section you want to study.

Please ensure that you go through all questions provided in this study pack to get a
well rounded preparation. All questions from Dragnet’s past entry level job
aptitude test.

Sample Questions – DRAGNET Aptitude Test Past Questions


This verbal reasoning test comprises 20 questions and you will have 20 minutes in which to correctly answer as many as you can. In each question you will be presented with a short comprehension passage followed by three or four questions. You will need to determine which answer is correct based on the information provided in the passages only. You will have to work quickly and accurately to perform well in this test. If you don’t know the answer to a question, leave it and come back to it if you have time. You can submit your test at any time. If the time limit is up before you click submit the test will automatically be submitted with the answers you have selected. It is recommended to keep working until the time limit is up. Try to find a time and place where you will not be interrupted during the test. The test will start on the next page

Although it was discovered in the 19th century that birds were closely related to dinosaurs, the current scientific consensus is that birds were, and always have been dinosaurs themselves. Fossil evidence demonstrates similarities between birds and other feathered dinosaurs, including hollow bones, nest building and similar brooding behaviours. Although the dinosaurian lineage of birds is largely undisputed, the evolution of powered flight in birds is still debated. Two theories of flight in birds are the “ground-up” theory, and the “trees-down” theory. Ground-up theorists suggest birds evolved powered flight from ground dwelling dinosaurs, and trees-down theorists suggest birds evolved from tree dwelling, gliding dinosaurs. Further research is required to conclusively verify the process in which birds evolved powered flight.

Q1 The “ground-up” and “trees-down” theories are the only theories explaining
flight in birds.

True False Cannot say
Cannot Say – Although the “ground-up” and “trees-down” theories are stated
to be theories of flight in birds, they are not stated to be the only two
theories explaining flight in birds. Therefore, the correct answer is “Cannot Say”.
Q2 All dinosaurs had hollow bones.
True False Cannot say
Cannot Say – The passage states that other feathered dinosaurs also had hollow
bones, not that all dinosaurs (non-feathered) also had hollow bones. Therefore, the
correct answer is “Cannot Say”.
Q3 There is no scientific consensus regarding how birds evolved powered flight.
True False Cannot say

In this section you will practice Dragnet Verbal Reasoning Past Questions and Answers with Explanations enabling you to see where you went wrong on a question. 

By practicing over and over again with these tests, you will know what to expect; improve your speed and confidence; and be really prepared for the actual test.

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