Download Biology Botany Higher Secondary Second Year

Biology Botany Higher Secondary Second Year

Biology Botany Higher Secondary Second Year – The most important and crucial stage of school education is the higher secondary level. This is the transition level from the generalised curriculum to a discipline-based curriculum. In order to pursue their careers in basic sciences and professional courses, students take up Biology as one of the subjects.

To provide them sufficient background to meet the challenges of academic and professional streams, the Biology textbook for Std. XII has been reformed, updated and designed to include basic information on all topics. Each chapter starts with an introduction followed by subject matter. All the topics are presented in clear and concise manner.


The chapters end with self-evaluation questions. Understanding the concept is more important than rote memory. Sciences may be learnt by rote, but wisdom not. Hence, it is desired to make the students understand the subject thoroughly, so that they can putforth their ideas clearly. In order to make the learning of Biology more interesting and thorough, application of concepts in real life situations is presented in this text.

Due importance has been given to develop skills in experimentation and observation. The learning experience makes them to appreciate the role of Biology towards the improvement of our society. Following are the salient features of this text. Ø The data has been systematically updated. Ø The line diagrams are neatly presented. Ø Self-evaluation questions are included to sharpen the reasoning ability of the students.

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