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AutoCAD 2011 For Dummies – If you’re just learning AutoCAD, this friendly, For Dummies guide is perfect for you. You’ll get up to speed on all the basics and start creating 2D and 3D technical drawings sooner than you might imagine.

Learn how to create a basic drawing, use AutoCAD Design Center, edit your drawings, work with dimensions, add text, and much more. The book is straightforward, easy to follow, and includes practical tips and notes that demystify this complex software even further.

  • Gets you quickly up to speed on AutoCAD “X,” the leading technical drawing software from Autodesk
  • Covers how to create a basic drawing, use AutoCAD Design Center, edit your drawings, use blocks, work with dimensions, add text, and draw on the Internet
  • Includes updates on the latest features in AutoCAD “X” focusing on those that matter most to beginners
  • Uses the popular For Dummies approach, which breaks down this intimidating topic into helpful, practical advice and how-tos for real people

AutoCAD “X” For Dummies is what you need to get up to speed and start designing with this market-leading software!

From the Back Cover – AutoCAD 2011 For Dummies

Design with precision, explore your ideas in 3D, and createspectacular drawings

If you’re new to AutoCAD 2011 or just a little rusty, this bookwill start the wheels turning and keep you rolling in the rightdirection. It includes practical advice, proven methods, andinsider tips to get you up and running quickly. You’ll be settingup the AutoCAD environment to create complex technical drawings andrealistic 3D models in no time!

  • Learn your way around — explore AutoCAD 2011 features asyou set up a new drawing
  • Slow and steady — understand how the intense detail insetting up a drawing pays off as your work continues
  • It’s all about the geometry — discover how to drawobjects, edit them, and zoom and pan to see them better
  • Add the essentials — incorporate text, dimensioning, andhatching to make it easier to build your amazing creation
  • Get more advanced — design symbols with changeable text orappearance and apply parametric rules to drawing objects
  • Play well with others — explore all the features thatenable you to share drawings and data
  • Go on a 3D spree — take a trip into the 3D environment asyou model in different ways and create spectacular results

Open the book and find:

  • Methods for setting up a layout in paper space
  • How to manage your properties and control your precision
  • Techniques for using your AutoCAD toolkit
  • Tips for drawing and editing dimensions
  • How to push the Hatch boundary
  • 16 steps to follow for plotting success
  • Ways to create static and dynamic blocks
  • Secrets to 2D and 3D drawing

Learn to:

  • Develop basic layouts for technical drawings
  • Use blocks, add text, and edit drawings
  • Explore 3D models and create your own impressive 3D designs
  • Create realistic renderings

About the Author – AutoCAD 2011 For Dummies

David Byrnes is a senior civil and structural drafter with a major international engineering company. He taught CAD and 3D modeling at Emily Carr University of Art & Design for 15 years and has contributed to or coauthored more than a dozen AutoCAD books.

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