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Advanced Engineering Mathematics By Alan Jeffery

Advanced Engineering Mathematics – This book has evolved from lectures on engineering mathematics given regularly over many years to students at all levels in the United States, England, and elsewhere. It covers the more advanced aspects of engineering mathematics that are common to all first engineering degrees, and it differs from texts with similar names by the emphasis it places on certain topics, the systematic development of the underlying theory before making applications, and the inclusion of new material.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics provides comprehensive and contemporary coverage of key mathematical ideas, techniques, and their widespread applications, for students majoring in engineering, computer science, mathematics and physics. Using a wide range of examples throughout the book, Jeffrey illustrates how to construct simple mathematical models, how to apply mathematical reasoning to select a particular solution from a range of possible alternatives, and how to determine which solution has physical significance. Jeffrey includes material that is not found in works of a similar nature, such as the use of the matrix exponential when solving systems of ordinary differential equations. The text provides many detailed, worked examples following the introduction of each new idea, and large problem sets provide both routine practice, and, in many cases, greater challenge and insight for students. Most chapters end with a set of computer projects that require the use of any CAS (such as “Maple” or “Mathematica”) that reinforce ideas and provide insight into more advanced problems. A Student Solutions Manual is also available.

* Comprehensive coverage of frequently used integrals, functions and fundamental mathematical results
* Contents selected and organized to suit the needs of students, scientists, and engineers
* Contains tables of Laplace and Fourier transform pairs
* New section on numerical approximation
* New section on the z-transform
* Easy reference system

Author: Alan Jeffrey
Publisher: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1990
ISBN: 0632025514, 9780632025510
Length: 1123 pages      Size: 10mb


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