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ABC of clinical genetics

ABC of Clinical Genetics-This ABC is a concise, highly illustrated introduction to genetic mechanisms involved in inherited disorders. The book has been extensively updated with new and revised chapters to encompass rapid advances in the field. Basic genetic concepts are explained along with the application of new technologies in clinical practice. Information on relevant websites is also included along with recommended texts for further reading


Genetics is now a part of everyday medicine, and the demand for genetic investigation and counselling is increasing. It is vital that all doctors are informed about the subject and it’s possibilities, but many are put off by the complex concepts involved
With the help of many high quality illustrations, the ABC of Clinical Gentics explains in simple terms genetic mechanisms and analysis, and gives all of the clinical information necessary for doctors and other health professionals to advise patients on genetic disorders. It also discusses the implications of these diseases for relatives and the ethical human dilemmas involved. Topics include:
Inheritance, estimation of risk, and detection of carriers
Chromosomal disorders
Genetics of common disorders
Genitics of cancer
Dysmorphology and teretogenesis
Gene structure and function
DNA analysis

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