Don’t Lie to Me by Willow Rose Pdf

Don't Lie to Me by Willow Rose Pdf

Download Don’t Lie to Me by Willow Rose Pdf book free online. Sophie Williams, 12, never came home after attending a Girl Scout summer camp. The population is shocked when, three months later, her body is discovered in her sleeping bag in the busiest part of Cocoa Beach. The girl isn’t your typical youngster. She is the most adored surf icon in the area, and many people thought she may succeed Kelly Slater. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Eva Rae Thomas, an FBI profiler who has recently returned to her hometown after getting divorced and losing her job, jumps into the investigation as another child, the son of a prominent senator, is abducted and the parents receive a disturbing video, breaking her promise to her kids not to work in law enforcement again.

About the Author

A multi-million copy best-selling author of more than 80 novels, Willow Rose is an Amazon ALL-star author. On Amazon in the US, UK, and Canada, some of her works have made it to the top 10 of ALL books. Over six million of her novels have been sold worldwide. She writes a variety of genres, including fantasy, suspense, horror, romance, and supernatural and paranormal thrillers. The fast-paced, suspenseful page-turners written by Willow have unexpected plot twists.

Download Don’t Lie to Me by Willow Rose Pdf