Distracted by James M. Lang Pdf

Distracted by James M. Lang Pdf

Download Distracted by James M. Lang Pdf book free online. Why is it so difficult to persuade students to focus? According to conventional belief, pupils’ capacity to concentrate has been destroyed by access to technology, specifically iPhones. Putting an end to electronics in class is the sensible solution. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

However, renowned educator James M. Lang contends that this approach hides a more serious issue: how we teach frequently conflicts with how pupils learn. Though the brain is constructed for distraction, classrooms are designed to make pupils concentrate for extended periods of time. When we are able to actively seek out and combine new information, we learn best.

In Distracted, Lang challenges conventional wisdom about education, showing how teachers might design their classrooms to be more conducive to active attention cultivation of their students rather than distraction-free zones.

Distracted presents an original strategy for teaching the most crucial lesson of all: how to learn. It is brimming with concepts and is based on recent research.

About the Author

James M. Lang is an English professor at Assumption University and the founder of the D’Amour Center for Teaching Excellence. Small Teaching, Cheating Lessons, and On Course are three of his earlier books on teaching and learning in higher education. He has written a monthly piece for the Chronicle of Higher Education for many years. He is a Worcester, Massachusetts, resident.

Download Distracted by James M. Lang Pdf