Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat 6th Edition PDF

Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat pdf

Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat – The present edition is revised, updated and expanded. Several new clinical photographs, diagrams, tables and fl owcharts have been added to make the subject clear. A unique feature of this edition is white board lectures and videos, depicting through animations, the surgical procedures.

The present edition is revised, updated and expanded. Several new clinical photographs, diagrams, tables and fl owcharts have been added to make the subject clear. A unique feature of this edition is white board lectures and videos, depicting through animations, the surgical procedures.

Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat – Contents


Anatomy of Ear, 2

Peripheral Receptors and Physiology of Auditory and Vestibular Systems, 13

Audiology and Acoustics, 19

Assessment of Hearing, 21

Hearing Loss, 29

Assessment of Vestibular Functions, 41

Disorders of Vestibular System, 45

Diseases of External Ear, 48

Eustachian Tube and Its Disorders, 57

10 Disorders of Middle Ear, 62

11 Cholesteatoma and Chronic Otitis Media, 67

12 Complications of Suppurative Otitis Media, 75

13 Otosclerosis (Syn. Otospongiosis), 86

14 Facial Nerve and Its Disorders, 90

15 Ménière’s Disease, 100

16 Tumours of External Ear, 106

17 Tumours of Middle Ear and Mastoid, 109

18 Acoustic Neuroma, 112

19 The Deaf Child, 115

20 Rehabilitation of the Hearing Impaired, 121

21 Otalgia (Earache), 128

22 Tinnitus, 130


23 Anatomy of Nose, 134

24 Physiology of Nose, 140

25 Diseases of External Nose and Nasal Vestibule, 143

26 Nasal Septum and Its Diseases, 147

27 Acute and Chronic Rhinitis, 152

28 Granulomatous Diseases of Nose, 156

29 Miscellaneous Disorders of Nasal Cavity, 161

30 Allergic Rhinitis, 166

31 Vasomotor and Other Forms of Nonallergic Rhinitis, 170

32 Nasal Polypi, 172

33 Epistaxis, 176

34 Trauma to the Face, 181

35 Anatomy and Physiology of Paranasal Sinuses, 187

36 Acute Sinusitis, 191

37 Chronic Sinusitis, 195

38 Complications of Sinusitis, 198

39 Benign and Malignant Neoplasms of Nasal Cavity, 202

40 Neoplasms of Paranasal Sinuses, 205

41 Proptosis, 211


42 Anatomy of Oral Cavity, 216

43 Common Disorders of Oral Cavity, 217

44 Tumours of Oral Cavity, 223

45 Non-neoplastic Disorders of Salivary Glands, 231

46 Neoplasms of Salivary Glands, 234


47 Anatomy and Physiology of Pharynx, 238

48 Adenoids and Other Inflammations of Nasopharynx, 243

49 Tumours of Nasopharynx, 246

50 Acute and Chronic Pharyngitis, 254

51 Acute and Chronic Tonsillitis, 257

52 Head and Neck Space Infections, 263

53 Tumours of Oropharynx, 269

54 Tumours of the Hypopharynx and Pharyngeal Pouch, 273

55 Snoring and Sleep Apnoea, 276


56 Anatomy and Physiology of Larynx, 282

57 Laryngotracheal Trauma, 287

58 Acute and Chronic Inflammations of Larynx, 289

59 Congenital Lesions of Larynx and Stridor, 295

60 Laryngeal Paralysis, 298

61 Benign Tumours of Larynx, 303

62 Cancer Larynx, 307

63 Voice and Speech Disorders, 313

64 Tracheostomy and Other Procedures for Airway Management, 316

65 Foreign Bodies of Air Passages, 321


66 Thyroid Gland and Its Disorders, 326


67 Anatomy and Physiology of Oesophagus, 340

68 Disorders of Oesophagus, 342

69 Dysphagia, 347

70 Foreign Bodies of Food Passage, 349


71 Laser Surgery, Radiofrequency Surgery, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, 354

72 Cryosurgery, 360

73 Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer, 362

74 Chemotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer, 367

75 HIV Infection/AIDS and ENT Manifestations, 369


76 Clinical Methods in ENT, 374

77 Neck Masses, 390


78 Myringotomy, 398

79 Cortical Mastoidectomy, 400

80 Radical Mastoidectomy, 403

81 Modified Radical Mastoidectomy, 405

82 Myringoplasty, 406

83 Proof Puncture (Syn. Antral Lavage), 408

84 Intranasal Inferior Meatal Antrostomy, 410

85 Caldwell-Luc (Anterior Antrostomy) Operation, 411

86 Submucous Resection of Nasal Septum (SMR Operation), 413

87 Septoplasty, 415

88 Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy, 417

89 Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, 419

90 Direct Laryngoscopy, 422

91 Bronchoscopy, 424

92 Oesophagoscopy, 426

93 Tonsillectomy, 428

94 Adenoidectomy, 431

95 Radiology in ENT, 433APPENDICES 

APPENDIX I Some Memorable Nuggets for Rapid Review, 446

APPENDIX II Instruments, 452  

Preface – Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat

With this sixth edition, the book completes 22 years of ser- vice to its readers. The speciality of ENT, often called oto-laryngology or otorhinolaryngology has diversified intoseveral subspecialities of otology, otoneurology, rhinology,laryngology, bronchoesophagology, paediatric otolaryngol-ogy, skull base surgery, and now emerging subspeciality ofneuro-rhinology where the brain tumours related to skullbase are being treated by endoscopic nasal approaches. Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat

Thegrowth in several branches owe their emergence to rapidstrides being made in technology such as imaging tech-niques from simple X-ray to CT, MRI, MR angiography,PET-CT and simultaneous PET-MRI. The development ofendoscopes from 4 mm to nearly 1 mm with various view-ing angles, lasers, computers and miniature cameras whichcan be fixed on the tip of the flexible endoscopes have fur-ther revolutionized surgery. This further has given birth tominimally invasive surgery, navigation surgery and roboticsurgery. With the growth of the speciality both in breadthand depth, it throws several challenges to authors on howmuch to introduce the subject yet to be concise but compre-hensive, and not to lose sight of the basic fundamentals andclinical applications to students entering medical professionin a readable form.In the present edition, all the chapters have been revised,updated and augmented. Some have been completelyrewritten and expanded. New chapters have been addedon thyroid disorders, thyroid surgery and proptosis. Severalnew diagrams, algorithms, tables, flowcharts and clinicalphotographs have been added to make the subject eas-ily understandable. Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat

The chapter on “Nuggets for RapidReview” provides useful tips which help solve several MCQsoften set in the university or board examinations.Mnemonics set here and there are useful as aide memoireto recall and reproduce the subject for exam going students.The book is clinically oriented with practical approach to thepatient as before and provides broad insight into the subjectfor undergraduates. It is hoped that this edition of the book will also prove useful to students of DLO, MS/MD and DNB(Diplomate National Board) as a foundation course beforethey take recourse to comprehensive volumes of the subject.It will also be useful to general practitioners, students ofnursing, audiology and speech therapy, and to those study-ing alternative systems of medicine such as Ayurveda, Sidha,Unani and Tibbia, Homeopathy and Physiotherapy. Theauthors will feel gratified if the above objectives are fulfilled.There is always scope for improvement in any work and theauthors will welcome any suggestions and comments fromlearned teachers and students at [email protected] or[email protected]

Acknowledgements – Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat

In bringing out the sixth edition of this book, we owe a greatdeal of indebtedness to several eminent professors, teach-ers, faculty members, contributors and students for theirsupport, encouragement, inspiration and suggestions. Itmay be difficult to name them all but we will be remiss ifsome of them are not mentioned. We extend our heartfeltthanks to: • Dr Arun Agarwal, Director–Professor, Department ofENT and Head & Neck Surgery and ex-Dean, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi; Dr Anoop Raj, Dr AchalGulati, Dr JC Passey, Dr Ishwar Singh, Dr PK Rathore, DrRavi Meher and Dr Vikas Malhotra who form a galaxy ofdistinguished teachers. • The entire faculty of University College of Medical Sci-ences, Delhi—Dr PP Singh, Dr Laxmi Vaid, Dr HC Tanejaand Dr Neelima Gupta. • Dr JK Sahni, Dr TS Anand and Dr Sunil Kumar, LadyHarding Medical College, Delhi. • Dr SC Sharma, Professor and Head and Dr Alok Thakar,Department of ENT, AIIMS, New Delhi. • Dr Arjan Das, Professor and Head, Department of ENT,Medical College, Chandigarh. • Dr (Prof.) Naresh Panda, Dr (Prof.) AK Gupta, Dr Saty -awati Mohindra and Dr Jayamanti Bakshi, PostgraduateInstitute of Medical Sciences, Chandigarh. • Dr Anirban Biswas, Neuro-otologist, Kolkata for hisreviews of the book inIndian Journal of Otolaryngology. • Dr AK Singhal, Dean, Professor and Head, FH MedicalCollege, Tundla, Agra. • Dr (Prof.) Amrik Singh, Guru Ram Das Medical College, Amritsar. • Dr Karan Singh, Professor and Head, Medical College, Amritsar. • Dr RC Yadav, Professor and Head, Medical College, Kota,Rajasthan. • Dr Saurabh Varshney, Professor and Head, AIIMS,Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. • Dr (Prof.) Rohit Saxena, Department of ENT, Sharda Uni- versity, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. • Dr (Prof.) Hemant Chopra and Dr Munish Munjal, Day -anand Medical College, Ludhiana. • Dr Dalbir Singh, Professor, Department of ENT, Govt.Medical College and Rajendra Hospital, Patiala, Punjab. • Dr Nupur Nerurkar, Laryngologist, Bombay Hospital,Mumbai. • Dr Uma Garg, Professor and HOD, BPS Govt. MedicalCollege for Women, Khanpur, Kalan, Sonepat. • Dr RK Saxena, Professor and Head, Department of ENT,Medical College, Nepalganj, Nepal. • Dr Suvamoy Chakraborty, Professor and Head, Depart -ment of ENT, Sikkim Institute of Medical Sciences, Sikkim. • Dr Sunil Saxena, Professor and Head, Department of ENT,Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Puducherry. • Dr TN Janakiram, Director, Royal Pearl Hospital, Trichy. We extend our gratitude to Dr Ameet Kishore (SeniorConsultant ENT), Dr Tarun Sahni (Senior Consultant Inter-nal Medicine and Head Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit),and Drs GK Jadhav and Sapna Manocha Verma (SeniorConsultants, Radiation Oncology) of the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi for their contribution in respec-tive areas.Our thanks are also to Dr Jatin S Gandhi, ConsultantPathology, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Cen-tre, New Delhi for pathological inputs and histopathologicalslides which speak of his erudite work.It was inspiring when many of the students interacted withus through letters, emails, social networking sites or in per-son, asking questions, clarifications and sending valuablesuggestions. Some of them later wrote that they had toppedin ENT in the university or were motivated to take ENT astheir career. It may be difficult to acknowledge each of themindividually but we extend them our good wishes and prog-ress in their career.Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat

Our special thanks are to Dr Anoop Agarwal (Mumbai) andNaveen Kandpal (Lucknow) for their valuable suggestions toincorporate more topics to raise the standard of the special-ity—not only for it to stand alone but to be considered a super-speciality and carve a niche for itself.Thanks are also due to the entire team ofElsevier,a divi-sion of Reed Elsevier India Pvt Ltd. under the leadership ofMr Rohit Kumar. Our special thanks to Ms Shabina Nasimfor her dedicated editorial skills, layout and presentation ofthe subject matter in a awless student-friendly manner


No. of pages: 490Language: EnglishCopyright: © Elsevier India 2013Published: 10th October 2013Imprint: Elsevier IndiaeBook ISBN: 9788131236932Paperback ISBN: 9788131234310

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