Design of Rotating Electrical Machines PDF

Design of Rotating Electrical Machines pdf

Design of Rotating Electrical Machines – In one complete volume, this essential reference presents an in-depth overview of the theoretical principles and techniques of electrical machine design. This book enables you to design rotating electrical machines with its detailed step-by-step approach to machine design and thorough treatment of all existing and emerging technologies in this field.

Senior electrical engineering students and postgraduates, as well as machine designers, will find this book invaluable. In depth, it presents the following:

  • Machine type definitions; different synchronous, asynchronous, DC, and doubly salient reluctance machines.
  • An analysis of types of construction; external pole, internal pole, and radial flux machines.
  • The properties of rotating electrical machines, including the insulation and heat removal options.

Responding to the need for an up-to-date reference on electrical machine design, this book includes exercises with methods for tackling, and solutions to, real design problems. A supplementary website hosts two machine design examples created with MATHCAD: rotor surface magnet permanent magnet machine and squirrel cage induction machine calculations. Classroom tested material and numerous graphs are features that further make this book an excellent manual and reference to the topic.

About the Author

Juha Pyrhönen is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. He is engaged in the research and development of electric motors and drives. He is especially active in the fields of permanent magnet synchronous machines and drives and solid-rotor high-speed induction machines and drives. He has worked on many research and industrial development projects and has produced numerous publications and patents in the field of electrical engineering.

Tapani Jokinen is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. His principal research interests are in AC machines, creative problem solving and product development processes. He has worked as an electrical machine design engineer with Oy Strömberg Ab Works. He has been a consultant for several companies, a member of the Board of High Speed Tech Ltd and Neorem Magnets Oy, and a member of the Supreme Administrative Court in cases on patents. His research projects include, among others, the development of superconducting and large permanent magnet motors for ship propulsion, the development of high-speed electric motors and active magnetic bearings, and the development of finite element analysis tools for solving electrical machine problems.

Valeria Hrabovcova is a Professor of Electrical Machines in the Department of Power Electrical Systems, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, at the University of ˇ Zilina, Slovak Republic. Her professional and research interests cover all kinds of electrical machines, electronically commutated electrical machines included. She has worked on many research and development projects and has written numerous scientific publications in the field of electrical engineering. Her work also includes various pedagogical activities, and she has participated in many international educational projects.