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Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures

Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures – This new edition of a successful engineering text provides an interpretation of the more theoretical guidance given in the new suite of Eurocodes for the subject of retaining structures. The book qualifies the extensive set of guides in terms of the design of these structures and provides a clear path through the process.

It still discusses structural elements individually so that expertise can be applied to any situation likely to be encountered. The modifications, such as changes to surface zones, the critical steel ratio, the maximum crack spacing (flexural and imposed strain) and edge restraint, that have been introduced into the Eurocodes are highlighted and discussed in detail.

The new suite of Eurocodes is claimed to be the most technically advanced codes in the world; the codes were developed with the intention of making them less restrictive than existing codes. The third edition reflects this philosophy by providing more theoretical background information and discussion, with specific reference to current and previous research, helping the reader to achieve a greater understanding and a wider application of the basic design guidance as the codes intended. As such the book remains a vital tool for practising civil and structural engineers.

Emphasis on practical applications of theory
Many worked examples of detailed calculations
Comprehensive design tables

From the Publisher – Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures

This edition covers the latest changes in UK and international practice, and the design methods described refer to British Standards 8007, 8110 and 8102 as well as US standards (including ACI codes). Reference is also made to the recent Australian standard AS 3735-1991.

About the Author – Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures

Consultant Engineer and Visiting Senior Lecturer, University of Aston, Birmingham.

Table of Contents

Basis of design and materials
Design of reinforced concrete
Design of prestressed concrete
Distribution reinforcement and joints: design for thermal stresses and shrinkage in restrained panels
Design calculations
Testing and rectification
Vapour exclusion

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