Denied by Evelyn Flood PDF

Denied by Evelyn Flood PDF

Download Denied by Evelyn Flood PDF book free. Sienna Michaels has been waiting for her invitation to the Bonding Trials forever. It’s her opportunity to match with an alpha pack and show off her training as an omega. But when she’s matched with the Cohen pack, Sienna gets a lot more than she bargained for at their Bonding ceremony.

Tristan, Jax, Logan and Gray Cohen are Sienna’s Soul Bonded fated mates. Destiny. Made for each other. Except… they don’t seem that bothered. In fact, they don’t want her at all. They want someone else. Sienna has no choice but to work through the Bonding Trials and try to get to know her reluctant alphas. She needs to pass her Trials to be able to stay with the Cohen pack, and if she doesn’t…

Well. She might be Denied.


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