Deliver Me From Evil by Natasha Knight PDF

Deliver Me From Evil by Natasha Knight PDF

Download Deliver Me From Evil by Natasha Knight PDF book free online. Deliver Me From Evil is a gripping and passionate dark romance novel by Natasha Knight. As the second book in the Augustine Brothers series, the story revolves around the character of Madelena De Léon, a young woman who finds herself trapped in a forced marriage to Dante Augustine, a notorious mafia boss. Despite the challenging circumstances, Madelena is determined to make the most of her situation and build a life with Dante. However, Dante’s dark past and dangerous enemies put them both in grave danger.

Throughout the novel, readers are taken on a journey through the intricacies of Madelena and Dante’s relationship as they navigate their roles in the mafia world and try to protect each other from harm. The story is filled with suspense and tension as the couple faces threats from their rivals and dangerous obstacles in their path to happiness.

One of the most prominent themes explored in the novel is the idea of sacrifice and loyalty. As Madelena and Dante confront their challenges, they are forced to make difficult decisions that could have severe consequences. Their loyalties are tested, and the choices they make can have a lasting impact on their lives and those around them. The novel also delves into the theme of betrayal, as Madelena and Dante discover the harsh reality that those closest to them can sometimes be the ones who cause the most harm.

Download Deliver Me From Evil by Natasha Knight PDF


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