Death Stealer by J. C. McKenzie Pdf

Download Death Stealer by J. C. McKenzie Pdf.

I’m not sure what I expected when I showed up to my first crime scene—certainly not rainbows and donuts—but as a necromancer who mainly works to help the rich get richer, I hoped to find redemption. Instead, I discover a heartbreaking murder, two detectives with a grumpy-sunshine dynamic, and a stubborn soul who refuses to speak without her cat present.

If I’m going to prove myself as a valuable asset to the Victoria Police Department, and hopefully claw my mother out of medical hardship and the grip of her debilitating disease, I need to solve this mystery before I become the next victim.

Death Stealer is a short story prequel to the Lark Morgan trilogy and takes place six years before Death Maker, Book 1 of the trilogy.

This book contains explicit language, ghosts, spirits, souls, skeletons and bones, violence, blood magic, necromancy, and animal sacrifices (off-the-page as much as possible).

This story is intended for mature readers.


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