Deadly Retaliation by C. P. Mandara PDF 

Deadly Retaliation by C. P. Mandara

Download Deadly Retaliation by C. P. Mandara PDF book free. My name is Adrien Dumortier. My best friend, James Leveritt, has just married the woman I love. To be fair, the man thinks I’m dead. He was supposed to rescue me from the clasps of my brother, but turned up ten minutes late, so had I not managed to get rid of the bomb that was strapped to my waist, I would now be dead.

Thankfully, I am more resourceful than the bastard gave me credit for. So, how do I get even with someone like that? Not face to face, that’s for sure. The man is black ops trained and knows more styles of martial arts than I know ice-cream flavors. No, I’m going to be a little underhand about this. I’m going to kidnap his sister. Then, I’m going to torture her until she’s screaming down the fucking phone and send him the video. Then, I’m going to mess with his wife. Buckle up. It’s going to be quite a ride. Deadly Retaliation is an intense dark romance suspense series. It features a bully alpha male special agent and a female assassin. They are involved in a underground world of organised crime and espionage. These books are dark and horribly twisted. You have been warned!


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