Dead Man Talking by Jana DeLeon Pdf

Dead Man Talking by Jana DeLeon Pdf

Download Dead Man Talking by Jana DeLeon Pdf book free online. As soon as Zoe Parker received her college diploma, she put Everlasting in her rearview mirror. Zoe goes to the tiny seaside village to care for Sapphire, her eccentric great-aunt, after she falls down the stairs of her lighthouse home. When odd meteorological phenomena begin, Zoe has just crossed the county boundary when she realizes Sapphire’s fall wasn’t an accident. Sapphire has no idea what the person staring through the lighthouse is looking for. Zoe makes a commitment to expose the intruders in order to protect her aunt, even if doing so will require her to remain in Everlasting and face issues from her past that she had thought she had put behind her. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

About the Author

Jana DeLeon, a best-selling novelist on the New York Times and USA Today, was raised in southwest Louisiana among gators and bayous. Carlyss is where she was born, but you won’t likely locate it on a map. Her family ran a camp that could only be reached by boat, and it was situated on a bayou not far from the Gulf of Mexico. The most significant aspect was the large deck that extended out over the ocean and had a rope hammock hanging in the shade where Jana would spend a lot of time reading.

Download Dead Man Talking by Jana DeLeon Pdf


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