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Download Dating Advice by Patrick King Pdf.Do you wonder why people take so long to reply to your texts, why the only people you seem to be attracting are

douchebags, and why you can’t find what you’re looking for in a partner?

Do you wish you could just cut through the BS and games of dating and relationships, and understand why people act the way they do?

Do you want to date better, smarter, and more effectively?

Listen up. People mostly act in sane ways… but when you throw emotions, love, and high risk situations into the mix, all logic goes out the window. Normal people do literally insane things that seem rational at the moment due to the intoxicating influence of love, a feeling that we are all familiar with.

It’s Not Me, It’s You is a collection of brutal, tough love truths about modern dating that above all else will help you date better, period. In years of studious observation and date coaching, I’ve seen subconscious patterns about what people want, and what people mean when they say certain things. Why do people will say one thing and then contradict themselves immediately, fall into the same patterns, and continue to make self-sabotaging choices? Because they never get the brutally honest tough love they need.

What brutal honest tough love do you wish you could tell your friends?

…Or need to hear yourself? This book is full of that kind of advice. All the patterns that you vaguely recognize, and all the motivations that people try to hide. All the games that people play, and lies they tell themselves.

What truths will you learn to understand the opposite sex better?

•The one key to deciphering dating games.
•How the skewed gender economy explains everything we do.
•What “The One” really is, and what actually matters in your perfect relationship.
•What it actually means when guys are ‘creeps’ and ‘douchebags.’
•What FOMO is and how it’s damaging to commitment.

As well as…

•The defense mechanisms we all use on a daily basis.
•Why nice guys/girls finish last, and how to avoid it.
•What the Honeymoon Period is and how it can be deceptive.

Learn how to date with more clarity and take charge of your dating life! Facing brutal truths can be tough, but it’s like solving the puzzle… and once you’ve solved it, you can figure out what you really want, and what people want from you. You’ll be able to save weeks, months, and even years if you are able to understand people better than they understand themselves.

Know exactly what’s happening to you without having to agonize about it and wonder. Pinpoint what you want in a mate and how to find it. Get out of your own way, your own head, and start pursuing what you really want.

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P.S. Let’s be honest, it’s never really us… it’s always them!


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