Darkside by Emily Goodwin Pdf

Darkside by Emily Goodwin Pdf.Watching my boyfriend get arrested for murder was not the way I expected to start my day. Especially because the actual murderer was

a demon—a demon I vanquished. It’s an obvious set up, and in my desperation to prove Ethan’s innocence, I run the risk of crossing paths—and pissing off—The Order of the Mystic Realm, who I just know is behind this.

They think they’ve got us backed into a corner but they should know by now that if they push us, I’ll push back. You don’t bring guns and knives to a magic fight. I might not come out unscathed but I won’t stop until I get my boyfriend back.

I’ve been told that everyone has a dark side, an alternative version of themselves they keep locked up, knowing what would happen if it broke free. Some are ashamed of it, some embrace it.

And others encourage it, not caring the damage or carnage it leaves in its wake.

I used to pride myself on my morals, by knowing I’m not perfect by any means but there were lows I’d never sink to. But everyone has a breaking point, and it’s not until the people you hold most dear to you are threatened that you realize just how dark you’re willing to go…


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