Dark Wolf King by Lindsey Devin Pdf

Download Dark Wolf King by Lindsey Devin Pdf.He’s chosen her as his Wolf Queen. Now she must become the kingdom’s fiercest warrior…

Reyna’s status as Queen of Nightfall may be official, but she is still learning to trust her partnership with the fearsome Wolf King. And now the Fae have returned to the lands of Frasia, threatening Elias’ power.

Without magic, the wolveswill need strong allies to defeat their enemy. To prove his faith in his new Queen, Elias tasks Reyna with the honor of bringing together an army of shifters, except not everyone in the court thinks that war is the answer.

As Reyna begins to build trust with others in the Realm, and a sense of her place in the Wolf court, the Fae deliver a brutal blow. With their only choice being to surrender or fight, Reyna must draw on strength she didn’t know she had. Especially when her enemy is willing to take everything from her…


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