Dare To Be Imperfect by Jimmy Asuni

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Dare To Be Imperfect: Stop Doubting Yourself And Go After What You Want

Dare To Be Imperfect is the ultimate guide for you if you would like to become more successful but you feel you are held back by limiting beliefs, or the desire to be perfect in everything you do. It will inspire and motivate you to do more of what you desire and feel excited about your life.


“As a motivational speaker, I highly recommend “Dare to Be Imperfect” for anyone who feels stuck in their life. It is an easy, good humoured and engaging read. Offering clearly outlined steps that will help anyone achieve their life goals. It was impossible to put down, and packed with inspirational gems that give everyone knowledgeable rewards. Jimmy Asuni captured the essence of living life to the fullest for every generation to enjoy.”
Jaina Ford, CEO of X2Cme, LLCPublic Speaker, Narrator and Producer, www.x2cme.com

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“Jimmy Asuni teaches us that we can all achieve our potential and reach greatness regardless of our personal circumstances, or where we are in life. Through Jimmy’s incredible life-journey, we learn how to overcome adversity, break through fears, and achieve any goal that you set your mind to.Jimmy is a true inspiration, and his passion, great knowledge and wisdom are collected within his step by step guide “Dare To Be Imperfect “- a powerful lesson to us all.”
Steve Frew – Scotland’s First Gymnastics Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, www.SteveFrew.co.uk

“Such an incredible book by Jimmy Asuni, what I really enjoyed is how he has elevated himself out of doubt and into alignment with the true being that he is, which has provided in depth content in how to accept where you are and go after your dreams, not allowing any social labels to restrict your success. A must read for those who have a dream to achieve!Hermione Sihukai