Daddy’s Girls by Danielle Steel Pdf

Daddy's Girls by Danielle Steel Pdf

Download Daddy’s Girls by Danielle Steel Pdf book free online. JT Tucker, a ranch hand from Texas, moved his three young daughters to California decades ago to start a new life after the loss of his wife. He eventually constructed the largest ranch in California with almost no money and a steely determination. However, when he passes away unexpectedly at the age of 64, his three daughters, each of whom finds it difficult to accept that this larger-than-life person is no longer in their lives, inherit the ranch. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

With each daughter, JT had a completely different relationship. The youngest and quietest child, Caroline, escaped to Marin County to start a new life as a wife, mother, and writer after being abandoned by her father for her entire life. His undisputed favorite, Gemma, chased fame and fortune in Hollywood and rose to prominence on television. The oldest daughter, Kate, chose to stay at home and work as a ranch hand for her father instead of getting married and starting a family of her own out of loyalty to him.

Now, once JT passes away, the paper trail he leaves behind starts to show a lot more about who he truly was than the three sisters ever suspected. Their world will be turned upside down, and they will all have to adjust to a new reality while fortifying their bonds and figuring out who they are as mature women without him.

About the Author

With nearly a billion copies of her books sold, Danielle Steel has been acclaimed as one of the most well-known writers in the entire globe. The Numbers Game, Moral Compass, Spy, Child’s Play, The Dark Side, Lost and Found, and other critically praised books are among her numerous international hits. She also wrote the children’s novels Pretty Minnie in Paris and Pretty Minnie in Hollywood in addition to His Bright Light, the biography of her son Nick Traina, A Gift of Hope, a narrative of her work with the homeless, and Pure Joy, a book about the dogs she and her family have loved.

Download Daddy’s Girls by Danielle Steel Pdf