Cutlass and Cudgel By George Manville Fenn Pdf

Cutlass and Cudgel By George Manville Fenn Pdf

Download Cutlass and Cudgel By George Manville Fenn Pdf book free online – from Cutlass and Cudgel By George Manville Fenn Pdf book; Nay, I wean’t say a word, sir; I don’t want to get more scarred than I am sometimes now.”

“Get out! What do you mean? That old Bogey helps them to run their cargoes?”

“Nay, sir, I wean’t say a word. It’s all werry well for you to laugh, now it’s daylight, and the sun coming out. It’s when it’s all black as pitch, as it takes howd on you worst.”

“You’re a great baby, Dick,” cried the midshipman, as he went to the side of the cutter and looked over the low bulwark toward the east. “Hah! Here comes the sun.”

His eyes brightened as he welcomed the coming of the bright orb, invisible yet from where he stood; but the cold grey mist that hung around was becoming here and there, in patches, shot with a soft delicious rosy hue, which made the grey around turn opalescent rapidly, beginning to flash out pale yellow, which, as the middy watched, deepened into orange and gold.

“Lovely!” he said aloud, as he forgot in the glory of the scene the discomfort he had felt.

“Tidy, sir, pooty tidy,” said the sailor, who had come slowly up to where he stood. “And you should see the morning come over our coast, sir. Call this lovely? Why, if you’d sin the sun rise there, it would mak’ you stand on your head.”

“Rather see this on my feet, Dick,” cried the lad. “Look at that! Hurrah! Up she comes!” Up “she”—otherwise the sun—did come, rolling slowly above the mist-covered sea, red, swollen, huge, and sending blood-tinted rays through and through the haze to glorify the hull, sails, and rigging of the smart cutter, and make the faces of the man at the helm and the other watchers glow as with new health


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