Cupids Peak by Lee Jacquot PDF

Cupids Peak by Lee Jacquot PDF

Download Cupids Peak by Lee Jacquot PDF book free. Hermit, introvert, homebody. All are adjectives that can be used to describe me, and that’s how I like it. I’m content within the four walls of my home, safe from all the work one has to put in just to walk outside.

But solitary life also means the only real romance I get to experience is from my holiday movie marathons and watching my old high school crush play for the NHL. My extroverted twin sister, however, doesn’t like my plans and sets me up on a date. A blind date. On Valentine’s Day. At a five-star resort. She somehow gets me to agree despite my very real aversion to being in public places. Only, when I arrive, I couldn’t care less about anyone else in the room because the very man I cheer for through my tv is sitting across from me. Not only that, he’s challenging everything I thought I knew with one simple question:
Truth or Dare?

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