CSS Detective Guide PDF by Denise R. Jacobs

CSS Detective Guide PDF

Download CSS Detective Guide PDF book free by Denise R. Jacobs – From CSS Detective Guide PDF: One of the toughest challenges novice CSS developers face is when seemingly perfect code doesn’t translate into a perfectly rendered browser page—and with all the different browsers available today, this happens all too often. Buy from Amazon

CSS Detective Guide PDF

The CSS Detective Guide aims to help, by teaching real world troubleshooting skills. You’ll learn how to track clues, analyze the evidence, and get to the truth behind CSS mysteries. These aren’t pat solutions, but rather strategies for thinking about CSS. Author Denise Jacobs begins by going over the basics of CSS with a special emphasis on common causes of problems. Then she shows you methods for giving your code the third degree. Then you’ll take a look at the line-up of usual suspects, the common problems and persistent bugs that are often encountered in CSS. CSS Detective Guide PDF

Finally, you’ll have the chance to play detective and find the guilty culprit in:

  • The Case of the Devilish Details
  • The Case of the Mistaken Identity
  • The Case of the Single White Space
  • The Case of the Float with a Mind of Its Own
  • The Case of the Browser Who Hated Me
  • The Case of the LOL Layout

At the end, you’ll find that you can crack any case and solve any future mystery that you encounter, and your coding problems will become elementary.


Detail About CSS Detective Guide by Denise R. Jacobs PDF

  • Name: CSS Detective Guide: Tricks for solving tough CSS mysteries, The, 1st Edition
  • Author: Denise R. Jacobs
  • ISBN: 0321683943
  • Language: English
  • Genre: CSS Programming, Computer Programming Languages, Web Design
  • Format: PDF
  • Size: 28  MB
  • Page: 288

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About the Author – CSS Detective Guide PDF

Since teaching herself HTML in 1996, Denise R. Jacobs has worked at creating and maintaining websites, web application localization, web project management, and teaching web design/development. Currently, Denise is a Web Solutions Consultant in Miami, Florida, helping individuals and businesses increase their web knowledge, and transform their web presences by incorporating web standards, web 2.0 tools and social media. She is passionate about teaching novices about the web and empowering them with tools and resources. She is part of the organizing committee of Social Media Club South Florida, and an active member of the Web Standards Project (WaSP) Education Task Force. You might also like mobile developers guide to the galaxy

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