Creed by Kris Michaels PDF

Creed by Kris Michaels PDF

Download Creed by Kris Michaels PDF book free online. Creed Lachlan was forced out of the Navy SEALs and now works as a freelance contractor for Guardian Security. His current mission is to identify the production site for emerging “dirty” bombs. His contact in Cuba wasn’t the sixty-year-old man he’d been told to expect, but a sultry beauty with a sassy attitude was hellbent on driving him insane.

She was intelligent, smart, and, unfortunately, a woman who would never inherit her uncle’s business. Her uncle sat atop the largest black-market organization in Cuba. As his niece, Mariella routinely outmaneuvered the corrupt communist regime to provide the people of her country with necessities. Her skills were why her uncle assigned her to him–the grumpy, sexy-as-sin American who aggravated her at every turn. Even so, keeping him and his team out of danger would require extra diligence.

Download Creed by Kris Michaels PDF


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