Cowboy Bikers MC #11 by Esther E. Schmidt Pdf

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Download Cowboy Bikers MC #11 by Esther E. Schmidt Pdf.When eyes meet and make two hearts beat as one, there’s no holding the reins. Lust will take a turn and

gallop toward love at full speed, taking on any danger it might face along the way.

Dinand – I’m a biker in an MC located at a huge ranch which breeds both longhorns and quarter horses. I’m not just a biker, a cowboy, or a rancher, but I am a man of many trades and talents. And one of those is to protect the one who captured my attention at first glance.

Mealla – Life doesn’t give me many options when I’m caught in a snowstorm while being on the run. Hiding in a cabin gives me a chance to catch my breath along with a load of heat I’m not expecting. Christmas is right around the corner but the (hit)list I’m on isn’t Santa’s and presents comes in the form of bullets.

**WARNING; each book in the Cowboy Bikers MC series is a standalone short story featuring a new couple and can be read together or separately. Includes: Love at first sight. Off the charts chemistry. HEA. And each story will leave you wanting more cowboy bikers!**


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