Control Your Destiny By Jeff Tikari PDF

Download Control Your Destiny By Jeff Tikari PDF book free online – From Control Your Destiny By Jeff Tikari PDF: This is perhaps a time in human development, an era in human progress when metaphysics is again being assessed by more and more people; an epoch that is raising a more widespread interest though perhaps with a smattering of skepticism. Could there be another way, is there a knowledge pointing to an unknown wisdom that humanity has largely brushed aside?

Would the world today of hard facts, of scientific assessments governed by time tested Universal laws (?) allow a rollaway, a corollary? Could there be a parallel possibility that usurps and challenges our basic revered foundations and structures based on science and philosophy?

This ‘other way’ is what this book speculates, investigates, and delves into; laying bare the pros and cons and revealing the supremacy of an incredible subconscious power that is only of late being recognized and acknowledged and accredited as the ‘God Spark’ or the ‘Eternal Universal Intelligence’ within us.



Any and everything is possible.

Everything, in Human terms, would include embracing new matter and energy. There are an unimaginable number of thoughts, ideas and possibilities that are available in the universe, seeded there by a large number of thinking beings from across the ether & space and over the millenniums. Our Human thinking range is minute and limited in comparison to what is available out there. As we mentally progress and grow, the magnitude of our thoughts and imaginations will find answers to what are there and were always there and available.

A few hundred years ago we could not conceive of traveling through space, but when we commenced mental preparations, a science and mathematics available to us were available to us.


The Universe strangely behaves as per our basic laws – the laws of physics and mathematics. We are, therefore, led to believe that the Laws of Physics, which we have formulated and evolved, applies to the entire Universe Only further investigation of the fourth dimension will tell.


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