Content Marketing Works by Arnie Kuenn PDF

Content Marketing Works by Arnie Kuenn PDF

Download Content Marketing Works by Arnie Kuenn PDF book free online – From Content Marketing Works by Arnie Kuenn PDF: The best time to start content marketing was five years ago, the second best time is now.

It’s now the time to get ahead of the competition and make content marketing truly work for your business. Content Marketing Works: 8 Steps to Transform Your Business is a brand new book from Arnie and Brad Kuenn that will teach marketers and organizations a process to grow their business through the convergence of search, social, and content marketing.

Content Marketing Works is a robust look at the process of creating, implementing and measuring a successful content marketing program. It covers the 8 Step Process of content marketing, created by the experts at content marketing agency, Vertical Measures, and how it can be used at any organization large or small to grow traffic, leads, and business. The 8 Steps cover:

  1. Strategy Development
  2. Ideation
  3. Content Creation
  4. Optimization
  5. Promotion
  6. Distribution
  7. Lead Nurture
  8. Measurement

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Whether you’re a small-to-medium-sized businesses or an enterprise organization, the steps outlined in this book will help you build content marketing practices from the ground up with real world case studies, thoughtful lessons, and expert advice packed into 290 pages. Readers will learn specific ways to link SEO and content marketing; how to create useful content to attract more traffic, more leads and more business; and how to connect with customers on a human level that encourages trust and loyalty.

The content in this book also uncovers answers behind questions like:

  • What exactly is content marketing?
  • How important is search these days? How about social media?
  • What in the world do I do about mobile?
  • How do I set up a lead nurturing program?
  • Where do I start to create an effective strategy?

Foreword written by Joe Pulizzi
Founder of Content Marketing Institue, Author of Epic Content Marketing

“Content Marketing Works is your opportunity to clean slate your marketing. This book gives you permission to think and do differently from everyone else. This book is your ticket to becoming the leading informational resource for your particular niche. This book will not only change the way you market, but it will change the way you conduct business.”

Praise for Content Marketing Works

“The new question isn’t should you do content marketing, it’s precisely HOW do you do content marketing effectively. This is the actionable playbook for which you’ve been waiting. Recommended!” – Jay Baer, New York Times bestselling author of Youtility

“This book can (and for many, should) serve as a first step to upgrading your content marketing practices. Arnie and Brad deeply understand the relationship between content, marketing strategy, traffic opportunities, and sales, and what’s better, have made that information useful and accessible.” – Rand Fishkin, founder, Moz

“Content Marketing Works wisely emphasizes that content marketing is a process, not a project. Just as a magazine doesn’t publish a single issue, nor should your content program. Arnie and Brad take a complicated and critical element of modern business and demystifies it with case studies, instruction, and an 8 Step guide. Nicely done.” – Larry Kim, founder and CTO, WordStream


This is a worthy book on how to start and implement a content marketing strategy. The author does lay out eight solid steps on how to implement a content marketing scheme to lift your website and business from obscurity, to being noticed. This book will certainly help you increase your own business.

I take off one star for a couple of reasons. First, the content marketing system the author describes is resource intensive, which if practically applied, means that only companies of at least medium size can implement the content marketing system described. The author talks about producing 12-15 content pieces per month, as well as 3-5 blog posts per month, for at least 4-7 months. This translates into at least a thousand man-hours of work (with specialized talent sets), which means it’s beyond the realm of most small companies. While there are lessons here for small companies, local Joe-Plumber isn’t going to be able to fully implement the content marketing scheme that’s advocated.

Second, this book is wordy. Because the essential formula is pretty simple, the author seems to add a lot of fluff and verbosity.

Third, there is nothing ground breaking, or even new, in this book. While it’s a sound formulate, it’s still the same formula that’s been around for years and years. So, this means, following the formula in this book, you become one more of a million voices crying for attention among the vastness of the web. There’s nothing in this book to help you break out from the pack, to make you distinctive or unique. It’s like peddling the dieting advice “Eat Your Vegetables” – good, but nothing your mother hasn’t told you already.

So, if you’re new to content marketing, this book will help, but if you’re already active with content marketing, this book will not add any new ideas to your arsenal.

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