Computer Science Project Topics And Ideas for 2022

Computer Science is not only one of the rapidly growing areas of interest, but computer technology and its uses have proven to be very beneficial to the human community. Choosing a project topic in this field may not only be hard and confusing but students are faced with unending possibilities of research and interest because of how broad this field is.

Computer Science Project Topics And Ideas for 2022

Working and researching ideal topics which are based on the current needs of the ever-growing computer tech field is important.  The tech world is advancing daily, we have carefully researched and put together the top 10 project topics that would be of relevance in 2022. Computer Science skill sets are highly sorted after, which opens new job opportunities in the labour market for a computer science student.

Areas of Interest and capabilities of a project student is however not overlooked as it also contributes to the success and results of research. Therefore we have also included a list of over a hundred possible topics which are also of relevance in 2022 in addition to the 10 best Computer Science Project Topics And Ideas in 2022.

1.  Face Detection

Face detection is one of the widely used applications of artificial intelligence using machine learning algorithms.  This is a feature of recent smartphones in unlocking, verification, and security settings.

Face detection can also be improved and the program modelled to process and accurately detect faces in live stream videos from webcam or video files stored in a computer’s local storage by building face detection software using the OpenCV library. OpenCV is an open-source library useful for computer vision applications (in video analysis, image processing, and CCTV footage analysis), its programming functions are mainly aimed at real-time computer vision

It uses pre-trained Extensible markup language (XML) classifiers to detect faces in real-time and track them. Different classifiers can be used to identify various objects and solve real-life problems  using this detection program

OpenCV supports programming languages like Python, C++, Java, and a variety of others, although it is written natively in C++ and its template interface works seamlessly with STL containers.

2. Courier Tracking and delivery system

The pandemic opened the world’s eye to the huge possibilities and opportunities e-commerce offers, however without an effective courier and delivery system, this blooming sector will not work efficiently. Infotech has recorded advances on internet-based courier tracking where applications, websites are built, and by logging in and providing an assigned courier number, the customer can track his delivery. We propose a unique courier tracking system that, among other things, allows consumers to track the progress and position of their packages.

This system not only helps the consumer know his expected delivery date but also shows the exact location of the purchased item. They can also be assured that their packages or couriers were safe with the use of this system. A courier software provides GPS tracking of packages, estimating their arrival, customer information databases, and driver dispatching coordination with accurate routing.

3.  e-Authentication System

With increasing technology, there are also increased risks of data theft and financial fraud, therefore his project focuses on building a reliable e-Authentication system using a combination of QR code and OTP for enhanced security.

This system is designed to show the resistance of the proposed scheme to and avoid hacking of login credentials, accidental login unauthorized account access through shoulder surfing (user’s password word is obtained by watching over his shoulders as he enters it).  A user can obtain this authentication system by first registering in the system by entering the basic registration details (name, address, zip code, etc.).

After success, the user can log in by authenticating the account first by entering the email id and password which was entered during registration. The user chooses an authentication preference either as QR (Quick Response) code or OTP (One Time Password). Depending on the option selected by the user, the system will generate a QR Code(sent to the provided email id) or an OTP (sent via SMS to the registered number). 

This is a complex password technique with a relatively easy interface and because an automatic OTP or QR code is randomly generated at the time of each login providing a more secure means [of data privacy, although users require an active internet connection.

4. Prediction of Crime Rate

This involves the use of data mining and machine learning to analyze and identify criminal data and trends. A prediction system using the K-nearest neighbour (KNN) algorithm to train a dataset to analyze and predict the crime rate of a particular location. The K-means algorithm gathers data from co-offenders and organized crime groups by detecting relevant crime patterns via hidden links, link prediction, and statistical analysis of crime data.

Choice data is used to train a dataset in which the algorithm analyses crime data stored in a database and finds information trends and identifies the appropriate crime patterns from it. It will then collate the crime groups based on the patterns found in the dataset. Clusters will be made based on factors like where the crime took place,  gender, Age, victim area, people who were involved in the crime, and time the crime occurred.

5. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are very interesting and rapidly growing forms of decentralized finance. Infotech plays a major role in writing the programs and contracts on which they stand.  Examples of  cryptocurrencies and blockchain topics include:

  1. Design And Implementation Of An Organization Finance
  2.  Tracking System Using Blockchain Technology,
  3. Blockchain-Based Transaction & Settlement System,
  4. Blockchain-Based Cloud Storage System
  5. Medical Report Management & Distribution System Over Blockchain Technology
  6. Android Document Sharing System Using Blockchain Technology
  7. Government Fund Allocation & Tracking System Over Blockchain
  8. Design And Implementation Of A Functional Mapping
  9. Blockchain Project For Supply Chain Management System
  10. Blockchain-Based Advanced Banking Software System
  11. Automotive Erp System Over Blockchain Technology
  12. Industrial Erp System Over Blockchain Technology
  13. Retail Distribution Outlet Management System Using Blockchain Technology

Other project topics covering all areas of computer science, IT, web-based, Android, and application are listed below. Be sure to choose a suitable one. They  include:

  1. Active Chat Monitoring and Suspicious Chat Detection over Internet
  2. Advanced Reliable Real Estate Portal
  3. An Adaptive Social Media Recommendation System
  4. Attack Source Tracing Project
  5. Automated Attendance System
  6. Automated College Timetable Generator
  7. Automated Payroll With GPS Tracking And Image Capture
  8. Automatic Answer Checker
  9. Android – PC Chatting & Image Sharing System
  10. Android Antivirus Application
  11. Android Based Furniture Shopping
  12. Android Based Parking Booking System
  13. Android Based Universal Ticketing Project
  14. Android Based Visual Product Identification For The Blind
  15. Android Blood Bank
  16. Android Blood Donation & Blood Bank Finder
  17. Android Bluetooth Chat
  18. Android College Connect Chat App
  19. Android Customer Relationship Management System
  20. Android Employee Tracker
  21.      Android File finder and Sorting
  22. Android Grocery Shopping
  23. Android Local Train Ticketing Project
  24. Android location alarm
  25. Android Merchant Application Using QR
  26. Android Messenger App
  27. Android Offloading Computation Over Cloud
  28. Android Patient Tracker
  29. Android Personal Safety App
  30. Android Task Monitoring
  31.       Android Tourist Guide Project
  32. Android Vehicle Tracking Application
  33. Android Voting System
  34. Automated Canteen Ordering System using Android
  35. Advanced Mobile Store
  36. AI Desktop Partner
  37. AI Multi Agent Shopping System
  38. Airport Network Flight Scheduler
  39. Android AI Diet Consultant
  40. Artificial Intelligence Dietician
  41.       Biomedical Data Mining For Web Page Relevance Checking
  42. Banking Bot Project
  43. Bikers Portal
  44. Bus Pass with Barcode Card scan
  45. Bus Pass with webcam Scan
  46. College Social Networking Web Project
  47. Customer Behavior Prediction Using Web Usage Mining
  48. Camera Motion Sensing Project
  49. Canteen Automation System
  50. Car Sales And Inventory Store Project
  51.        Cargo Booking Software
  52. Cloud-Based Bus Pass System
  53. Cloud-Based Career Guidance System
  54. Cloud-Based Local Train Ticketing System
  55. Cloud-Based Online Blood Bank System
  56. Cloud computing for Rural banking
  57. Collective Face Detection Project
  58. College automation project
  59. College Enquiry Chat Bot
  60. Corporate Dashboard Project
  61.       Credit Card Fraud Detection
  62. Criminal Investigation Tracker with Suspect Prediction
  63. Cursor Movement By Hand Gesture Project
  64. Data Mining For Automated Personality Classification
  65. Detect Irregular moving objects and tracking based on color and shape in real-time
  66. Detecting Data Leaks
  67. Detecting Edges Using Image Processor
  68. Diagnostic Centre Client Coordination System
  69. Distributed Dealership Network Analyzer and Sales Monitor
  70. Document checker and Corrector Project
  71. Driver Card With QR Code Identification
  72. Detecting E Banking Phishing Websites Using Associative Classification
  73. E-Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review Mining
  74. E Healthcare – Online Consultation And Medical Subscription
  75. Education Assignment Dashboard
  76. Efficient Doctor Patient Portal
  77. E-Learning Platform using Cloud Computing
  78. Employee attendance System By QR Scan
  79. Employee Hourly Attendance By Barcode Scan
  80. Engineering College Automation and Scheduling System
  81. ERP System For Institutes
  82. Extended AES with Custom Configurable Encryption
  83. Face Recognition Attendance System
  84. Facial Expression Recognition
  85. Fake Product Review Monitoring And Removal
  86. Fingerprint Based ATM System
  87. Fingerprint Voting System Project
  88. Farming Assistance Web Service
  89. Graphical Password By Image Segmentation
  90. Graphical Password Strategy
  91. Human Speed Detection Project
  92. Image Encryption For Secure Internet Transfer
  93. Image Encryption For Secure Internet Transfer
  94. Image Encryption Using AES Algorithm
  95. Image Encryption Using Triple DES
  96. Image Mining Project
  97. Image Steganography With 3 Way Encryption
  98. Improved Data Leakage Detection
  99. Intelligent PC Location Tracking System
  100. Intelligent Tourist System Project
  101. LED display generator project
  102. Look Based Media Player
  103. Matrimonial Portal Project
  104. Media player Project
  105. Medical Search Engine Project
  106. Military Access Using Card Scanning With OTP
  107. MLM Project
  108. Monitoring Suspicious Discussions On Online Forums Using Data Mining
  109. Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining
  110. Multi Coverage Broadcast
  111. Mobile Attendance System Project
  112. Mobile Banking Project
  113. Mobile Network Stability
  114. Mobile Networks Load Balancing
  115. Mobile Quiz Through Wi-Fi Project
  116. Mobile(location-based) Advertisement System
  117. Mobile(location-based) Advertisement System
  118. Multi Website Advertisement Handling System
  119. Network-Based Stock Price System
  120. On-Demand Remote PC Monitoring system Through Internet
  121. Online Bookstore System On Cloud Infrastructure
  122. Online Diagnostic Lab Reporting System
  123. Online Ebook Maker Project
  124. Online Election System Project
  125. Online Herbs Shopping Project
  126. Online PDF to Text Converter & Language Translator Python
  127. Online Printed T-Shirt Designing
  128. Online Visiting Card Creation Project
  129. Opinion Mining For Comment Sentiment Analysis
  130. Opinion Mining For Restaurant Reviews
  131. Opinion Mining For Social Networking Site
  132. Online Mobile Recharge Portal Project
  133. Online AI Shopping With M-Wallet System
  134. Online Fashion Stylist Website
  135. PC Configuration Retrieval System on Online Server
  136. Public Photography Contest With Live Voting
  137. Public Photography Contest With Live Voting
  138. Question paper generator system
  139. Remote Java 2 .Net Communication Application
  140. Retail Store Inventory & POS Checkout App
  141. Railway Tracking and Arrival Time Prediction
  142. Real Estate Search Based On Data Mining
  143. Remote User Recognition And Access Provision
  144. RFID Based Automatic Traffic Violation Ticketing
  145. Secure ATM Using Card Scanning Plus OTP
  146. Secure Data Transfer Over Internet Using Image Steganography
  147. Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet Using DES
  148. Secure Lab Access Using Card Scanner Plus Face Recognition
  149. Secure Remote Communication Using DES Algorithm
  150. Sending a secure message over a network to a remote site
  151. Sentiment Analysis for Product Rating
  152. Sentiment Based Movie Rating System
  153. Smart Health Consulting Project
  154. Smart Health consulting system
  155. Smart Health Prediction Using Data Mining
  156. Software Piracy Protection Project
  157. Space Shooter Combat Game Python
  158. SQL Injection Prevention Project
  159. Storage/Energy efficient Cloud Computing
  160. Students Grievance Redressal Cell Python
  161. Tab Based Library Book Availability & Location Finder On Wi-Fi
  162. The Civil System Project
  163. Three Level Image Password Authentication
  164. Three Level Password Authentication System
  165. Topic Detection Using Keyword Clustering
  166. User Web Access Records Mining For Business Intelligence
  167. Waste Food Management & Donation App
  168. Weather Forecasting Using Data Mining
  169. Wi-Fi Shopping Guide Project
  170. Wireless Data Handling And Management
  171. Wireless Indoor Positioning System
  172. Web Agent For Learning Content Updating
  173. Web Content Trust Rating Prediction Using Evidence Theory
  174. Web Data Mining To Detect Online Spread Of Terrorism
  175. Web Mining For Suspicious Keyword Prominence
  176. Web Server Log Analysis System
  177. Web Server to Client communication for web usage data analysis
  178. Web Page Ranking Search Engine With SEO Suggestions
  179. Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
  180. Unique User Identification Across Multiple Social Networks
  181. Video Surveillance Project
  182. Vehicle Tracking Using Driver Mobile GPS Tracking


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