Computer Applications in Business By Anil Kumar Pdf

Download Computer Applications in Business By Anil Kumar Pdf book free online – from Computer Applications in Business By Anil Kumar Pdf book; This note covers the following topics: Fundamental of Computer Systems, History and Classification Of Computers, Computer Languages, Binary and Other Number Systems, Pc Software Packages, Operating Systems, Spreadsheet Software, Introduction To DBMS, Data Hierarchy and File Structures, Network Topology and Applications.

The word “computer” comes from the word ‘compute’, which means to calculate. So a computer is normally considered to be a calculating device. In fact the original objective for inventing the computer was to create a fast calculating machine. But more than 90% of the work done by computers today is of non-mathematical or non-numerical nature.

Hence, to define a computer merely as calculating device is to ignore over 90% of its work. More accurately, a computer may be defined as a device that operates upon information or data. Data can be anything like bio-data of various applicants when the computer is used for recruiting personnel, or the marks obtained by various students in various subjects when the computer is used to prepare results, or the details (name, age, sex etc.) of various passengers when the computer is employed for making airline or railway reservations, or numbers of different types in case of application of computers for
scientific research problems, etc. Computer Applications in Business By Anil Kumar Pdf

Computers are not just adding machines; they are capable of doing complex activities and operations. They can be programmed to do complex, tedious and monotonous tasks. All computers have certain common characteristics irrespective of their type and size.

Computers of all sizes and shapes are used for every purpose imaginable – from selling railway tickets to running washing machines; from stock market analysis to playing games; from publishing a new letter to designing a building… They can perform activities ranging from simple calculations to performing complex CAD modeling and simulations to navigating missiles and satellites. Computers can communicate with other computers and can receive and send data in various forms
like text, sound, video, graphics, etc.

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