Complex by Kortney Keisel Pdf

Download Complex by Kortney Keisel Pdf.Tiny Little Lie #1: I want the new resort in Turks and Caicos to open on schedule.

Tiny Little Lie #2: I’m not falling for Luke McKenna.

Unfortunately, those tiny little lies snowballed into something bigger. Much bigger. Now I’m stuck.

It sounds bad. But I’m not a bad person. I’m doing the right thing…I think. I’m telling myself I’m a superhero in heels, saving people I care about.

But the grumpy onsite contractor isn’t making things easy. The more I lie and try to stall the hotel opening, the harder he works to complete the project.

Did I mention he’s handsome?

And moody?

And brooding?

And my complete opposite in every way?

If the truth about what I’ve done comes out, Luke will never forgive me. Then I’ll have to face another truth: my attraction to him might actually be something more—something worth fighting for.

Complex is a grumpy/sunshine, and opposites attract romance with witty banter that will keep you laughing. The love story is charged with sizzling chemistry while keeping the romance closed-door.

Complex is the second book in The Sweet Rom “Com” series but can be read as a standalone.