Communication and Secretarial Practices By Guru Pdf

Download Communication and Secretarial Practices By Guru Pdf book free online -from Communication and Secretarial Practices By Guru Pdf book; This book covers the following topics: Business Communication, Barriers and Gateways in Communication, Essentials of Business Communication , Business Correspondence: Letter Writing, Company Correspondence: Report Writing, Business Communication: Company Meetings, Correspondence Relating to In Quiries and Instruction and Public Speaking

Communication is the basic ingredient for the existence of any business organization. It is the basic vehicles through which the activities or functions of the management are carried out. Communication is derived from Latin word ‘communis’ which means ‘common’. It means common among two or more than two people in equal measures. If a person effects communication, he has established a common ground of understanding. Communication is sharing of thoughts among two or more than two people in such a manner that the listener is receiving them in the same spirit with which they are being told. Thus communication involves imparting a common idea and covers all types of behaviour resulting there from. According to Peter Little,

“Communication is the process by which information transmitted between individuals and/or organization so that an understanding response results”. No organization can think of its existence without effective communication. Communication is a managerial skills required for leading and motivating the employees at work. A manager spend more than 60 percent of his time in communication with others like in conferences or meetings, giving direction or receiving information that can be in writing or orally. Communication and Secretarial Practices By Guru Pdf

Communication is as important to the organization as blood is to the body. Communication is a medium through which works being done in the organization can be explained, change can be affected, a feeling of cooperation can be aroused
by establishing uniformity among the works of various people working in the organization, clear human relation can be established and finally the objective of the organization are realized. No business can develop in the absence of effective
internal and external communication. The top hierarchy in an organization spends most of the time in communication while the people at the lower level spend comparatively less time in communication process.

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