Cocky Romance by Nia Arthurs PDF

Cocky Romance by Nia Arthurs PDF

Download Cocky Romance by Nia Arthurs PDF book free. Billionaire. CEO. My new evil overlord. Max Stinton is the sinfully gorgeous villain whose company torpedoed my life eight years ago. Arrogant. Charming. Steely eyed. We meet again when I accidentally fix his car instead of trashing it (like I should have). Do I get a thank you and a bouquet of flowers? Nope. In return for my auto repair, Mr. Hotshot traps me in a draconian contract.

The terms are simple—become the face of Stinton Auto and my daughter remains a secret from his awful family. Protecting my daughter is what I live for and loathing Stinton Group is the air I breathe. So imagine my surprise when sparks start flying every time Max and I are in the same room. He’s stubborn, annoying and there. Whenever I have a problem, he magically shows up and solves it. I can almost accuse of him caring. Which is ridiculous. Blood-sucking vampires don’t have a heart. Even if my seven-year-old insists that Max is the best thing ever. Can I keep my heart out of the paws of the Big Bad Wolf? And will I survive when news of what really happened eight years ago threatens everything I knew about Max Stinton?

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