Clinical Pharmacology by Morris J. Brown et al

Clinical Pharmacology by Morris J. Brown pdf

Download Clinical Pharmacology – A thorough knowledge of pharmacological and therapeutic principles is vital if drugs are to be used safely and effectively for increasingly informed patients.

Those who clearly understand how drugs get into the body, how they produce their effects, what happens to them in the body, and how evidence of their therapeutic effect is assessed, will choose drugs more skilfully, and use them more safely and successfully than those who do not. Now in a fully revised 11th edition, Clinical Pharmacology is essential reading for undergraduate medical students, junior doctors and anyone concerned with evidence-based drug therapy.

  • Introductory first three sections cover general principles of clinical pharmacology; five subsequent sections cover drug treatment of disease, organised by body system
  • Retains the highly approachable style set by the original author, Professor Laurence and appreciated by generations of readers
  • Emphasis throughout is on evidence-based and safe drug prescribing
  • The International Advisory Board ensures content reflects the needs of the developing world.

Indian Advisory Borad will ensure content reflects the needs of the devloping world.

Review – Clinical Pharmacology

“Overall this is an excellent book”

Overall this is an excellent book

‘Invaluable reference book with a long, tried history. I would a have to say of all the books on this subject in my library (which includes the massive The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics), Bennett’s is the most frequently referenced. No surgery or pharmacy department worthy of the name should be without a copy of the book.’

‘Used this book for my prescribing very useful.’

‘This book is the best therapeutics pharmacology text I have come across. It is especially useful for prescribers and medical students as it has all the essentials you need to know about most drugs in use.’

‘This is an excellent pharmacology text book covering all the major therapeutic topics in a pleasantly readable fashion. The book covers many areas, including drug development and the pharmacokinetic aspects of drugs that are relevant to everyday prescribing, benefiting from the input of a great number of practising doctors with their accompanying years of clinical experience.

The book contains numerous amusing references, which certainly managed to stimulate my interest in what can easily become a rather dull and complicated subject. I would highly recommend this book to clinical medical students and indeed to anyone in the medical profession.’

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