Clinical Naturopathy An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice PDF

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Clinical Naturopathy An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice PDF

Download Clinical Naturopathy An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice PDF book free online – From Clinical Naturopathy An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice PDF: Written by Jerome Sarris and Jon Wardle, Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice articulates evidence-based clinical practice. Buy From Amazon

Description Clinical Naturopathy An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice PDF

It details the principles, treatment protocols and interventions at the forefront of naturopathic practice in the 21st century. Clinical Naturopathy equips you to critically evaluate your patients, analyse treatment protocols, and provide evidence-based prescriptions.

  • A rigorously researched update of common clinical conditions and their naturopathic treatment according to evidence-based guidelines
  • Treatment decision trees
  • Outline of core principles of naturopathic practice
  • Herb–drug interactions table
  • Laboratory reference values
  • Food sources of nutrients
  • Cancer medication interactions
  • Includes an Enhanced eBook version with purchase. The enhanced eBook allows the end user to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.


This is a good book easy to read, helpful for variety of disease. I haven’t quite finished it but I was anxious to find the latest information on Iridology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, unfortunately they removed it, for other material. When mentioning how great the patients did with x herb they usually categorized them under their scientific name instead of the historical name they are known for…which is time consuming when you desire to find the Cause of the problem, instead of ‘naming things’. I would put this on my shelf next to “the clinicians handbook of natural medicine 2nd edition” since it has similar flow but by a different N.D. Author.( if it was in Hardcover, I would pay the extra bucks, since this similar to a reference book, and listen reader a new book will be coming out that will be referencing this one… If your interested in knowing start investigating hehe

Table of Contents

1.Naturopathic case taking
2.Naturopathic diagnostic techniques
3.Wellness, lifestyle and preventive medicine
4.Irritable bowel syndrome
5.Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
6.Food allergy/intolerance
7.Liver dysfunction and disease
8.Respiratory infections and immune insufficiency
10.Congestive respiratory disorders
11.Atherosclerosis and dyslipidaemia
12.Hypertension and stroke
13.Chronic venous insufficiency
17.Headache and migraine
18.Stress and fatigue
19.Diabetes type 2 and insulin resistance
20.Thyroid abnormalities
21.Dysmenorrhoea and menstrual complaints
23.Polycystic ovarian syndrome
27.Acne vulgaris
28.Inflammatory skin disorders—atopic eczema and psoriasis
29.Benign prostatic hypertrophy
30.Recurrent urinary tract infection
31.Autoimmune disease
34.Fertility, preconception care and pregnancy
35.Ageing and cognition
36.Bipolar disorder
37.Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
38.Chronic fatigue syndrome
39.Human immunodeficiency virus
40.Pain management
41.Polypharmacy and drug–nutraceutical interactions

Appendix 1 Drug–herb interaction chart
Appendix 2 Drug–nutrient interaction chart
Appendix 3 Chemotherapy drugs and concurrent nutraceutical use
Appendix 4 Food sources of nutrients
Appendix 5 Laboratory reference values
Appendix 6 Taxonomic cross-reference of major herbs

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Download Clinical Naturopathy An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice PDF

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