Civil Engineering Quantities by Ivor H. Seeley PDF

Civil Engineering Quantities by Ivor H. Seeley PDF

Download Civil Engineering Quantities by Ivor H. Seeley PDF book free online – From Civil Engineering Quantities by Ivor H. Seeley PDF: This text explains the principles contained in the third edition of the “Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement” (CESMM3), and shows how they are implemented in practice.

The contractual background to the measurement and valuation of civil engineering works is described in detail, as are the value and use of method-related charges. This section is extended to cover more recent forms of contract and the requirements of the 6th edition of the ICE “Conditions of Contract”. All aspects of the measurement of civil engineering work, from taking-off to bill preparation are covered – these are illustrated by 22 worked examples, containing working drawings and handwritten dimension sheets with full explanatory notes. In addition to being revised and reset, the coverage is also extended with a further chapter on the measurement of the renovation of sewers and water mains. Another new worked example includes relaying railway trackwork.

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Table of contents

Scope of Civil Engineering Works and Method of Measurement – Civil Engineering Contracts and Contract Documents – General Arrangement and Contents of Civil Engineering Bills of Quantities – Method-related Charges and Pricing and Measurement of Civil Engineering Work – Measurement of Ground Investigation, Geotechnical Processes, Demolition and Site Clearance – Measurement of Earthworks – Measurement of Concrete – Measurement of Brickwork, Blockwork, Masonry, Painting, Waterproofing and Simple Building Works Incidental to Civil Engineering Works – Measurement of Piling – Measurement of Timber and Associated Work – Measurement of Metalwork – Measurement of Roads and Pavings – Measurement of Pipework – Measurement of Tunnels – Measurement of Rail Track – Measurement of Renovation of Sewers and Water Mains – Bill Preparation Processes – Appendices – Index

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