Child’s Story of the Bible By Mary A. Lathbury Pdf

Child's Story of the Bible By  Mary A. Lathbury Pdf

Download Child’s Story of the Bible By Mary A. Lathbury Pdf book free online – from Child’s Story of the Bible By Mary A. Lathbury Pdf book; That no busy mother may say, “I cannot take time to gather from the Bible the simple lessons that my children need,” this book of little stories–together making one–has been written.

I have tried to preserve the pure outlines of the sacred record from the vivid description and the suggestive supposition that are sometimes introduced to add charm to the story, and in all quoted speech I have used the exact words of the authorized version of the Scriptures, so that the earliest impression made upon the memory of the child might be one that should remain.

he waters rose higher and higher, covering the hills, and creeping up the mountains, so that every living thing died except Noah, and all that were with him in the ark.

But after ten months the tops of the mountains were seen, and Noah sent out a raven and a dove. The raven flew to and fro, but the dove came back into the ark, because she found no place to rest her foot.

After seven days Noah sent her out again, and she returned with an olive leaf in her bill, and then Noah knew that the waters were going away.

[Illustration: Dove returns with an olive leaf.]

After seven days again he sent out his good little dove, and she did not come back. So Noah was sure that the earth was getting dry, and that God would soon tell him to go out of the ark.

And so he did. Think how glad the sheep and cows were to find fresh grass, and the birds to fly to the green trees.

What a silent world it must have been, for there were none but Noah and his family in all the earth.

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