Children’s Literature By Charles Madison Pdf

Children's Literature By Charles Madison Pdf

This book is primarily a handbook for teachers in the grades and for students preparing to teach in the grades. Although it does not ignore problems of grading and presentation,

the chief purpose is to acquaint teachers and prospective teachers with standard literature of the various kinds suitable for use in the classroom and to give them information regarding books and authors to aid them in directing the selection of books by and for children. When the pupils have learned a story thoroughly, they are ready to make plans for playing it. The stage setting may be considered first, and here the child’s imagination can work wonders in arranging details. Children’s Literature By Charles Madison Pdf

The opening under the teacher’s desk may become a dungeon, a cave, a cellar, or a well. If a two-story house is needed, it may be outlined on the floor in the front part of the schoolroom, with a chalk-mark stairway, up which Goldilocks can walk to lie down on three coats—the three beds in the bed-chamber of the three bears.

The pupils can probably soon decide what characters are necessary, but more time may be required to assign the parts. To play the part of a spider, bear, wolf, fairy, sheep, or butterfly does not seem difficult to a child who has entered into the spirit of the play. Children’s Literature By Charles Madison Pdf

The most difficult part of dramatization may be the plan for conversation, especially if the text version of the story contains little or no direct discourse. The pupils should know the general nature of the conversation and action before they begin to play the story, although they need not memorize the parts. Suppose that the fable “The Shepherd’s Boy” is to be dramatized. The first part of the dramatization might be described about as follows: Children’s Literature By Charles Madison Pdf

The shepherd boy, tending his flock of pupil-sheep in the pasture land at one side of the teacher’s-desk-mountain, looked toward the pupil-desk-village at one side of the room and said quietly, “It certainly is 


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