Cheap cv writing: principles of preparing

If you know exactly what position you want to take, you can correctly formulate and describe your skills and achievements and you have time to work on your resume, it is better to do it yourself. After the resume is ready, you can show it to the HR manager so that he can advise on what to remove or, conversely, add.

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Principles of a cheap resume

There are principles to follow when preparing a resume.

Brevity. The resume should be two A4 pages long, and the information in it should be brief but comprehensive. Include in it only the information that you think will be useful to the potential employer in order to evaluate you as a potential employee and decide whether to invite for an interview or not.

If you are applying for the position of an accountant, you do not need to write the obvious things that you know how to use office equipment and know office programs at the level of a confident user. The accountant knows how to do this by default.

Keep your resume sentences short but succinct. Leave only the experience and skills that you need for this particular profession. Remove unnecessary and uninformative phrases, unnecessary words, bureaucratic and abstract descriptions, shorten sentences. But decipher abbreviations and acronyms if they are related to your professional activity and can characterize you as a specialist, because not all HR people know what they mean.

Concreteness. The information in the resume should be specific – only on the case. It is not necessary to describe everything that does not apply to a specific position. For example, if you are applying for the position of an accountant, you do not need to talk about your experience as a teacher or additional education of a massage therapist.

Truthfulness. Don’t exaggerate or embellish your work experience, skills, accomplishments, or other information, including age. Any deception will sooner or later become apparent, for example, when you come across a job and cannot cope with it. The resume must be honest and truthful.

Selectivity. The information in the resume should be selective, that is, aimed at achieving a specific goal, which is getting a job for a specific position. So, if you are applying for the position of an accountant, the resume should contain information about achievements, work experience and education in the field of accounting. If you are applying for an editorial position in an accounting publication, prepare a second resume for an editorial position and describe both your accounting and editorial experience.

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