Chatterbox Pdf

Chatterbox Pdf

Download Chatterbox Pdf book free online – from Chatterbox Pdf book; ‘And you must be sober,’ said Tulrumble; ‘perfectly sober.’  Mr. Twigger at once solemnly pledged himself to be as sober as a judge, and Nicholas Tulrumble was satisfied, although, had we been Nicholas, we should certainly have exacted some promise of a more specific nature; inasmuch as, having attended the Mudfog assizes in the evening more than once, we can solemnly testify to having seen judges with very strong symptoms of dinner under their wigs.  However, that’s neither here nor there.

The next day, and the day following, and the day after that, Ned Twigger was securely locked up in the small cavern with the sky-light, hard at work at the armour.  With every additional piece he could manage to stand upright in, he had an additional glass of rum; and at last, after many partial suffocations, he contrived to get on the whole suit, and to stagger up and down the room in it, like an intoxicated effigy from Westminster Abbey.

Never was man so delighted as Nicholas Tulrumble; never was woman so charmed as Nicholas Tulrumble’s wife.  Here was a sight for the common people of Mudfog!  A live man in brass armour!  Why, they would go wild with wonder!

The day—the Monday—arrived.

If the morning had been made to order, it couldn’t have been better adapted to the purpose.  They never showed a better fog in London on Lord Mayor’s day, than enwrapped the town of Mudfog on that eventful occasion.  It had risen slowly and surely from the green and stagnant water with the first light of morning, until it reached a little above the lamp-post tops; 


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