Chasing You by Ella Goode PDF

Chasing You by Ella Goode PDF

Download Chasing You by Ella Goode PDF book free online. Flying fighter jets was easier than wooing Emma Charles. If it isn’t her brother (and my best friend although seriously reconsidering that title) trying to block me at every turn, there’s the towns Sheriff trying to claim what I consider already mine. In between trying to convince my (maybe former best friend) that I’m fit to fly Emma’s plane, we have to dethrone this tyrant.

I know better than to fall for my brother’s best friend. For one, my brother would never allow it. For two, my brother’s a flight jockey which means his best friend is one, too. Do I really want to lose my heart to someone who loves the sky more than the earth? I know better! In all seriousness, though, I think I have a better chance at finally showing my small town who the Sheriff really is than I do of keeping my heart intact.

Download Chasing You by Ella Goode PDF


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