Chasing Secrets by Jill Cooper Pdf

Download Chasing Secrets by Jill Cooper Pdf.Bay Harbor has everything I hate: Rich kids, handsome jocks, and a private academy with a school uniform I’m now forced

to wear. The real kicker: a decades-old unsolved murder case it seems I’m supposed to solve.The dead girl in the mirror said so. Plus? She looks just like me. Or rather, I look just like her.The police are no help. The trouble I’ve had with the law doesn’t exactly make us besties but with a ghost whispering in my ear and someone who wants me dead, I have everything to lose. It’ll be a race to the finish. I just hope I get there first.Lies, betrayal, and hot guys I can’t have is just the tip of the iceberg in Bay Harbor. The dead girl in the mirror might want me to solve her crime. But someone out there will stop at nothing to keep this dark secret buried AF.And they just might bury me.