Chain my Soul by Alysha J. Black Pdf

Download Chain my Soul by Alysha J. Black Pdf.A Dark Romance Novel.
My life was perfect… I came from a good, solid family and my future was bright. I

was pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor. My life was full of purpose and I was happy.
I thought I would spend my 26th birthday with my two best friends: Jasmine, who was always pushing me to find a boyfriend, and Natalie, who took my side, saying that I would know it when I met the right guy… but that’s not at all how things went.
On April 12, 2067 my life changed forever. Everything that once mattered was suddenly crushed, tossed aside and buried under my new obsession.
He showed up… and then everyone died.
Now I live in a world where rules no longer exist, where anything could happen.
I became his and I did it of my own free will, despite the strange and horrible world he belongs to.
I like to think that I had a choice, but the truth is I really didn’t.
My name is Amara and this is my story.

This novel contains content not suitable for sensitive people.