Cancer Drug Resistance by Beverly A. Teicher

Cancer Drug Resistance by Beverly A. Teicher pdf

Cancer Drug Resistance – Leading experts summarize and synthesize the latest discoveries concerning the changes that occur in tumor cells as they develop resistance to anticancer drugs, and suggest new approaches to preventing and overcoming it.

The authors review physiological resistance based upon tumor architecture, cellular resistance based on drug transport, epigenetic changes that neutralize or bypass drug cytotoxicity, and genetic changes that alter drug target molecules by decreasing or eliminating drug binding and efficacy.

Highlights include new insights into resistance to antiangiogenic therapies, oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in therapeutic resistance, cancer stem cells, and the development of more effective therapies. There are also new findings on tumor immune escape mechanisms, gene amplification in drug resistance, the molecular determinants of multidrug resistance, and resistance to taxanes and Herceptin.

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“…a resource to scientists of diverse specialties with interests relating to the repsonse of malignant disease to current and experimental therapies.” – Neoplasma

“…an excellent book that is appropriate for scientists and clinicians with an interest in the basis of anticancer drug resistance.” -Doody’s Book Review, Weighted Numberical Score: 90 – 4 Stars!